So what is next of us?

I told my crush that I liked him. We have been very flirty for the past months but I kept losing 'hope' because his past girl keeps lingering around so I didn't want to end up getting hurt and I've never felt the way I do for him.

The thing is I don't like him as much to consider us in a relationship or anything too committed. I just like who he is- perhaps I like him a bit more than friends.

we have a around 6 months before we part ways so both of us know the whole labelled relationship wouldn't work. He's suggested being more than friends- not exactly friends with benefits but spending time together without the burden of a label. Like s casual relationship

After I told him I liked him he told me he had hinted it and that in no way he was friend zoning me but that he would not be able to provide me with more if I was looiking for more.
He then proceeded to ask me out for coffee...
Did he do that because it was awkward or me telling him gave him the confirmation to move ahead with what we have?

Thank you :)


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  • Telling him gave him the confirmation to move along


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