Does he love me?

My boyfriend told he wants some alone time in his birthday this year during night.. and I planned to surprise him at that time , due to which I am very Upset. does this mean he doesn't love me anymore?
P. s- we are together since 2 years


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  • Slow down there tiger, don't jump to any conclusion. He has his reason. Did you ask why he want to be alone at night?

    • Yes I asked him , he wants to visit some beach and have some alone time...

    • Alright, let him have his time then. Don't take offensive to that decision. It his special day, let him do what he want, which in this case some alone time for himself I guess.

    • Thankyu so much for your advice...😃😃😃😃

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  • respect his decision better... i guess he has his reasons... i don't think he dislkes you ;-)

  • seems very odd to me. I would question that.


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