If a guy looks at you all confused/hurt, almost like oh dear, why is she so upset?

I've been given that look by males before, where it's like, 'why do you look so pissed/hurt, I didn't mean to do anything,' almost like taken aback, (what happened out of nowhere?)

I know in some cases they just care about me, as a person, not a 'female.'

But this guy I like gave me that look, kind of like, 'why are you mad at me, what did I do to upset you?'

Does he like me? Or is he just fond of me in a brotherly way


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  • you're confusing them about something.

    • lol I figured as much.

      How do I react back when they give me that look?

    • I would laugh and ask him if he's ok. he'll realize you're not actually upset and put his mind at ease.

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