How to tell if a guy thinks you're pretty?

Not sexy lol but pretty. As in you have a cute, likeable face.

Someone told me pretty is more of a childish way to describe someone, but I do have a baby face, so I wonder if that's the way to go.


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  • They tell you.

    • One guy was like, 'You're a really pretty girl.'

      I was like, 'thank you,' and had virtually no reaction to it afterward and continued talking to him normally.

      Was he expecting to ask me out or something?

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    • Hmm no no I meant in a general sense, but when you said they usually tell you, I thought of that example.

      I'm kind of used to hearing I'm pretty but that's more out of women than males.

    • Did not remotely say they usually tell you haha. You asked how to know (as a fact), that's the only way to know. The rest is all social interaction/flirting if you want to make assumptions. Or post a pic on here and ask people, everyone calls everyone a 7 though so it's not accurate.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think he'll stare at you. A lot.

    • Without looking away even when you catch him?

      Or looking at the ground when he's near you?

    • It goes both ways. If he is shy, he will look away. But if he's not, he will hold your gaze.

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  • well he would either stare or call you cute


What Girls Said 1

  • he would stare 👀

    • Kind of like when you're focused on something he'd try to look at you thinking you're not looking?

    • hhmm well I don't know for me there a lot of glancing for example i will look at him and catch him starimg and. ill quickly look away and look back. and hell still be staring. Sometimes well. just start playing a glancing game... I don't know it gets weird yet fun at the same time.

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