Is this new kid playing me?

This new kid derek. He's really polite and nice. Valentine's day, we were supposed to wear specific colors that represented our relationship status, yellow if you're single. I forgot so I didn't wear colors except my friend wore yellow and so did derek. Derek told her that she's beautiful and it's a shame that she is single. I put in his bag, a paper saying "you're cute".

Week later, he sat next to me talking to me about the movie were watching, then asked if I wrote that note which I said yes haha. We started talking about the film etc. Ever since then, he's been talking to me and sitting next to me. He's been saying "hello" and "bye, jaime". We sit together in Health class, which we started talking about our families, fishing, our favorite movie, he started asking me what my favorite song is.

He would help me with my homework during class and we would talk about other stuff. I asked for his number which he gave me one already written down which he later texted me "Sorry if it was awkward having my number already written, I was planning on giving it to you". We're both quiet and he said that people think he's boring but I said he wasn't to me and that people think I'm boring as well. He texted me "hey I heard you've been wanting to see me at lunch in ms. Hallfields room. I'm sorry, I've been playing basketball to be in shape" I asked who said that and he said his brother said I did WHEN I DIDN'T. My friends told me secretly that he said he likes me

Valentines Day

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  • He liked you when he found out you find him cute.

    • So he only likes me because I thought he was cute?

    • That the start of it from what you told me yeah.

      But you guy talked to each other and I think he find some chemistry with you, which is why he choose to sit next to you and help you with stuff. He even brag that he is playing basketball to get in shape, for you, probably.
      There no doubt that he is interested in you, just keep going and see where it go. If he haven't ask you out yet, try giving him some signal.

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Valentines Day