What to do about this?

right so i have this guy friend he has called me babe joked about marrying me held my hand. flirts with me , complimented me ... i told him i liked he

replyed by saying what do i mean alot?

did i screw up ? i thought he really liked me

yes :( i fucked up ! :(
i told him i liked him

and he replied by saying what do you mean alot?


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  • If you mean that you told him you like him a lot and he asked you what you mean by a lot, that doesn't sound bad. I had that happen in 7th grade with a previous crush and he responded that way and we ended up dating. So maybe he's nervous or doesn't know what to say?

    • i dont know what to say now or how to respond

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    • i can't

    • I'm sorry things get tough with people. And thanks for the MHO

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  • you men you told him "i like you a lot" and he replied" "what do you mean by "a lot"?"

    • yes did i mess up!! he doesn't like me?:(

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  • honestly just say how it is, either he's also into you or not. you'd find out eventually, just be honest.


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