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About six months ago I started dating my current boyfriend when I met him he had mental issues such as manic-depressive anxiety insecurities and trust issues. He is medicated for them. When we first started talking we both just got out of serious relationships. we also are long distance and see eachother every weekend , to every other weekend. When we first started daring he called me everynight , sent me long texts telling me how he missed me and how much i ment to him. And it stayed the same between us for awhile. He told me i was helping his anxiety and depression and that he relyed on me for happiness, i was happy that i was helping him. A few weeks ago a incident happened at his dads where he had to go live with his mom (very sweet lady) but we went from texting ALL the time to barely anything... I noticed immediately and asked him about it. He told me he just had a lot on his plate and everything would go back to normal. I understood, but was still confused... And a bit sad. A few weeks passed.. And things were sorta normal. But then his ex texted me a photo of him messaging her basically saying that he missed her. I was so hurt. I sent him the screen shot, and just set down my phone. He blew up my phone called me billions of times. And when i finally did pick up, he was in tears begging me not to go... And i gave him another chance... My trust is still shakey. And after this incident he hasn't really put as much effort as he use to STILL. I guess im just really confused and i dont know if i should be with him or not. I love the man to death, but im just really confused and i need opinions and help?
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  • I think you should stay with him, but just talk it out. He is going through a lot right now and he may be confused and has not dealt with a situation this serious while with you, so maybe he relied on his ex for that comfort. I think you should ask him what he needs in order to feel better about his family issues so he doesn't need to speak to his ex and etc. I wish you the best!


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