How to hang out with a certain guy?

hi! so there's this kid that's a junior (i'm a sophomore) and we've pretty much established that we like each other which is awesome ahaha!! but as of now we only get to see each other at school and we text but that's all, and we want to hang out but we don't know how because 1. we can't drive 2. we live too far away from each other to walk or skateboard to hang out 3. our parents don't let us hang out with the opposite gender, let alone being alone with someone of the opposite gender! its kind of hard because i don't know how else we can actually hang out! i don't just want to be friends over text, and i also don't think our parents should treat us like awkward 12 year olds when we're not. any advice? thank you so so much, all help is appreciated!! (-:


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  • just invite him out.


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