Do u think he's justified in this instance?

When I told my husband I had my sixth miscarriage he yelled at me for 10 min or so threw the negative pregnancy tests at me, threw me against the wall and stormed out of the house wile calling a lawyer to file for divorce. I feel so bad that I've lost all the baby's and let him down. Guys would u divorce ur wife bc of that? How can I talk him out of divorce? Do u think he's justified in divorce me?


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  • Your husband is treating you terribly. Why blame you for something you can't help? Even if you could, there is still no reason to treat you so badly.

    You have done nothing to deserve this and you should be glad to get away from him. I'm pretty sure he could get in trouble with the police for his actions. Does he abuse you often?

    • It depends on how stressed he is or if he's drunk or not

    • You shouldn't have to deal with that. It's against the law and may even contribute to your losses. A husband should be protecting you and caring for you no matter what. He shouldn't be angry like this and by no means is it acceptable to abuse you in any form.

      I would get away from him as soon as you can and report him to the police.

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  • Who cares. He is violent so that's good for you. Have you seen an RE for the repeated losses? Sorry he acted that way but you need better. What you see is what you get even after a baby


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  • Sounds like having children is a big deal for him. I am glad my wife is sterile now (had her tubes tied), but for others their may be a big need for them. Putting his hands on you is not acceptable, if he can't control his temper then be glad he is leaving. As for talking him out of it, this is a biological issue that you have no control over, there's no way to say "I'll do better" because it's not your fault. When, or if, he calms down perhaps a discussion of surrogate mothers, or adoption may be in order. But not until he get's help for his anger.


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