My friends with benefits kissed me at his work?

I have a friends with benefits of 9 months and I was shopping at his work. I guess he was on his lunch and I had something to give to him so I just gave it to a coworker and asked if he could give it to him. They asked if I wanted him to go get him since he's on lunch and I just said "No it's alright, I have to go" and I went and purchased my groceries then he caught me on the way out and walked me to my car. We chatted a bit then we hugged and then he kissed me! And it wasn't just a quick peck, it was a pretty good long kiss. I was parked right in front of the store and it was broad daylight. We are pretty secretive about being intimate so I was pretty shocked that he kissed me right in front of his work where his coworkers could see. It didn't bug me but it did get me wondering. Why did he kiss me at his work?
Any more opinions :)


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  • Scandalous!


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