I can't figure out this guys motives? Like are we friends or does he want more but he's just slow about it?

I'm 22 he's 25 We actually met on tinder about a month ago. We talked for a week then that weekend we decided to meet so he picked me up we decided to go for a drive so we could talk and not have to sit in a coffee shop or something like that so he stopped bought me a coffee and we drove around talking for four hours then he dropped me off he's out of town for Mon-Fri for work atm so we texted the rest of the week all day each day then he asked if I wanted to go down to the city with him the next Saturday cause he needed to go down and wanted to know if I wanted to come so I agreed we went down went and did a bunch of things down their and I know he's not big on texting he's told me that but during that time he ended up mentioning that I'm the pretty much the only person he texts everyone else he only does if he has to so after that day he dropped me off then he had to go away for work again and on last Wed he said he needed to go back to the city then asked if I'd come with him and if I would like to go see a movie after so I agreed and he seemed really happy since he's never used emojis and actually did so he picked me up today we went down did some things then he took me out for dinner and a movie and brought me home again he pays for absolutely everything everytime we are together

So I don't get what it is he wants I could see it as we are hanging out but then he pays for everything and how much he texts me when he hates texting but yet he still hasn't made a move

So what do you think?


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  • He's into you but he's taking his time because he doesn't want to overwhelm you, or he doesn't want to ruin it. He will ask you to be in a more serious relationship soon enough.


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  • Maybe just nervous about making a move?
    Might have to wait and see what pans out next time you meet up


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