Is he interested?

Basically, I live on the same floor as him and have kind of avoided the issue until now because it's the end of the year and if he wasn't interested, it would have been uncomfortable. However, this guy is just generally really nice and I'm having a hard time determining whether he likes me, or is just friendly.
As of this semester, we have a lecture together and he always sits next to me. After class, we walk back to the dorms together and eat lunch (sometimes alone, sometimes a mutual friend happens to be there). He always seems interested in what I have to say, and remembers small things about me that I forgot I even told him! Neither of us is very talkative, but when we do talk he really gets what I'm saying and we can discuss events and ideas and stuff like that.
It seems like he stares at me a lot, but that might just be something he does normally. There's also a lot of "accidental" body contact.
He can definitely be friendly with other girls on the floor, but as I can't really hear what they're talking about or see any body language I don't have anything to go on there. There was gossip last semester about him and another girl, but nothing ever came of that. He seems like the opposite of a womanizer tbqh
I'm really bad at reading signals that mean that he likes me. I'd ask him out myself but I'm deathly afraid of rejection (and have an anxiety disorder) and would like to be really sure that he's interested before I put myself out there like that.
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  • Sound like he just a really good friend to me :/

    You don't have to come straight out and say that you liked him, drop HINT.


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