Reasons why a married guy would stare at the same girl everytime he see's her?

This married man keeps staring at me, and JUST me. It's normally at my face. It's been going on for a month.. the first time I remember noticing him was that I turned around and noticed he was staring at me after I walked by him. I actually talked to someone he knew and the whole time he just stared at my face with a serious face but smiled when I look at him like wtf? He's like 20 years older than me. I find it weird! My friend was talking to me and she was like "damn he was staring right at you, did you see that?" but I was ignoring it. I'm trying to avoid this guy!


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  • Sometimes when looking at a woman, especially a younger woman, us old married farts are not seeing you. Instead, we see sisters, girlfriends and wives transported from back in time. Staring at you is an attempt to capture a bit of the memory of who these people were when they were your age.

    Being that we are old married farts, we are mostly harmless. Thanks for indulging us in this small pleasure. We mean no harm.

    • ugghh sorry :( made me feel very bad. BUT I'm actually black and he's white so I think that's unlikely.

    • Still could be a girlfriend, friend, neighbor, God child, former classmate or any number of other possible relationships.

    • its really unlikely

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  • potential rapist? be careful...

    • haha no he doesn't give off the rapist vibe.

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    • Most likely because you look youthful and pretty to his liking... either way, its rather abnormal for such an old man to be looking at you from that perspective and be so obsessed that he is staring; creepy.

    • I totally agree! I feel really creeped out haha, it was really flattered at first cause he's older. But he has a family and stuff, like ew. I was walking past him on Wednesday and he was talking about his wife about a boat or something but he seemed really unhappy so maybe that's why?

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