How to understand this man?

Ok we are living in separate states. He has been chasing me for few months and there was no pass from me, because I could see how the relationship will be failing. He was literally begging me to see him. he calls me everyday and we talk for hours. later he was saying that he needed a space and stopped calling for few days. One day we had a fight am he said he knew that it will not be working anyway. I was starting developing feelings for him. I think he sensed that. He all of a sudden act like he is dumping me and ene laughs at one point. He tried to explain that I don't have to feel bad yadayada. I texted him saying how I wish him the best and stopped all communication until he texted me after few weeks. I called him and we talked. He was so cold and different. He even want to end the call and said he doesn't want to talk about what we have said about our argument. He said he will call me the next day if it was ok with me. He never did. I was so confused on why he texted me if he never wanted to talk to me. He said he think about me everyday. I honestly don't understand his actions.


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  • To be honest, I don't understand his actions from the get go as well. 'Chasing' you only to quit once it may have started getting close? And how far away from you was he? Being in separate states don't mean much if it's within 100 miles IMHO (unless traffic is a major issue).

    • We are far away from each other. I don't understand it either.

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  • Sounds as though you are more of an ego boost to him than anything else. He enjoys having your attention; when he feels you pulling away he reels you back in.

    A relationship shouldn't be this hard. You should never have to wonder or doubt where his head and heart are. Find someone who treats you like you deserve to be treated and let him play his little games alone.

    • I agree I just don't get it why he would do that. Ego boost is something that I consider as well. The thing is if it was ego boat wouldn't he be continuing pursuing me and keep calling?

    • He gives you just enough to keep you hooked. Sadly, I don't think this is something they do on purpose, just a subconscious thing.

      I stand by my opinion though; if he genuinely liked you, you wouldn't have to decode his behavior.

      Don't waste one more minute on this guy.

    • Thank you for your advice. I actually never contacted him in anyway. I never did initiate most of the contacts anyways. The only reason I called after no contact for few weeks is because of his text. I also told him that we can be friends when he asked. O told him that we were friends to begin with. May be that makes him think twice. I also get some thing that I can't point on why he is very reserved. Be told me that he only had one real gf all his life. he dated only two girls for short period of time. That says a lot. I mean why?

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  • Master telepathy.

    • I wish you could read the question first

    • I can't read well.

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