Would it hurt a guy if you just forgot about him?

Kind of like... what, don't you REMEMBER me?

Would that make him think of you more? Lol I didn't do it intentionally but I think it may have had that effect


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  • It would suck lol I've been that guy before and it just felt like I was insignificant and not really of any importance to her

    • Aww I didn't mean to make him feel bad! Did you like the girl in that case, I wonder if he likes me.

      Would it especially hurt if seemed perfectly happy with her life

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    • That's normal, it's not dumb, I understand it must be hurting to find out that she lied, and was also talking/flirting with other guys.

      What I do find interesting in your story, is that when she avoided you altogether, that is odd. She could've given you a really fake smile, or just said hi and then moved on, why avoid you?

      Was she sort of red-faced/flushed when she ignored you, or perfectly normal, like not even a little bit uneasy?

      If she was even a little bit uneasy, it's not that she wanted to ignore you, there's a reason she's doing that.

    • I don't know but I kinda just gave up after a while and I had a weak moment and texted her and she replied back with "who is this." Thats the moment I knew that I didn't really mean anything to her

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