Can a guy want to genuinely be your friend and not like you that way?

There's this guy I think he wants to be my friend, but I'm not sure why.


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  • Because you're a valuable asset. Just not gf material or attractive.


      I am attractive, and I don't know about gf material but I'd make a good fiance

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    • Okay prove that attractive and that you would make a good finance ;)

    • And fuck this weird Tezza kid. God out of the fucking woodwork I swear.

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  • Yes, I had a lot of guy friends, but after I got engaged a lot of them disappeared. When I called off my engagements, the ones who stayed my friends also stayed by my side and supported me, so I know we will be friends for life.


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  • Yeah, I have several female friends I'm for sure not attracted to (even one who admitted to liking me but I had to tell her I'm not interested, but we're still great friends). It's not like guys are attracted to everyone, and they don't just alienate girls they're not attracted to. Plus, it helps having a female friend to ask girl-related or relationship questions. Just look at how many people use this site.

  • Of course we can be a great friend to a girl
    My best friends dat I could count on are women and we're like any two friends of the same sex
    We'd hang out go to clubs watch movies and all
    And mind me der r no benefits
    And there's no feeling of love or anything f dat kind we do love each other thou as a friend
    So yep guys can be friends to girls I guess

  • Yes believe we can be just friend but i think its harder when she super attractive.


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