Why is my ex friends with benefits sending mixed signals?

So I have an ex friends with benefits . We were really close before we started hooking up, we hung out almost every weekend for a few months. He claimed I was getting too attached, but I had just ended a four year relationship with another guy previous to hooking up with this guy. Granted I wasn't in a great place to be seeing anyone and wasn't really myself, but he ended it. When I would see him, he would act like nothing had happened even though we ended things on bad terms. Right after he ended it, he started publicly dating this girl with the same first and middle name as me, as if him seeing another girl didn't piss me off enough. It made me feel insecure because he never wanted to be public with me and said he wasn't looking for a relationship but he jumped into one after ending things. When we went to college, he didn't text me but religiously checked my snapchat stories and liked my Instagram posts. He snap chatted me a few random times during the year but I didn't respond. Right before Christmas break he texted me asking to hang out and saying that he missed me. I didn't know if he was still together with his ex at the time but he confirmed that they weren't. He didn't even use her name, he just called her "my ex". As I was naturally curious, i took him up on his offer but also brought one of my best friends with me who was also close with him. I get in the car and within seconds he's talking about his sex stories from school! But then he went to say that I should go and visit him at college! I didn't hear anything from him after that because he had a short break but recently he sent me a snapchat of him and another girl! I know he is a jerk and I would never hook up with him again but his behavior is annoying and I don't know what his deal is! Is he interested in being friends with benefits again, does he want to be friends or is he trying to make me jealous? Thanks for reading! :)
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  • I think that he doesn't want a relationship with you but he doesn't want someone else to have you either. It seems like he just wants to play games.


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