Why are guys at work scared to talk to me?

I work in an office (which is quite a corporate environment) and have noticed that some of the men seem to avoid talking to me. It's really strange cos outside of work a lot of men want to talk to me. But in the office even if I say hi they kind of just say hi politely then put their head down and keep walking lol. It's like they are scared to talk to me or something. I have been told by friends outside of work that sometimes I come across as flirtatious without meaning to but I thought I was toning that down at work. I don't understand what is going on lol.


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  • This is simple. Getting accused of sexual harassment can cost a guy his job. Why speak to a woman at all when the stakes are that high? She's a threat, not a friend.


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  • They may be attracted to you, and since they're at work they're trying to remain professional? Just a guess


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  • BecUse women cN get u fired.

    • how?

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    • I do know that loser, everyone knows that. I meant how they can get you fired simply by talking to them? You are too old to not understand what I meant by that. Idiot lol.

  • do you dress provocatively maybe>

    • Sometimes I do but nothing too extreme lol. Do you reckon that makes them scared to talk to me lol.

  • Its called sexual harassment
    . HR is not fun


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