When guys are polite?

why do females have this idea that a guy being polite is some sign and that he is being more then polite, what ever happened to just being polite.

there was a question not so long ago asking if chivalry was dead or dying,

it seems that when a guy is being chivalrous that a lot of females take it for being something else. stop complaining about there being no gentlemen left ladies, we are here your just thinking we have other things on our minds


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  • I grew up in a household that manners were essential. It was somewhat considered rude at least not to say please and thank you for things that were handed to you.

    I think there is a lot of people that have entitlement issues these days... that think the world revolves around them and that it is not necessary to be thankful to the people closest to them like their parents or grandmother or grandfather.

    In this instance, I think it says a lot about a woman if chivalry is taken to be something else, other than a guy just being a decent individual.


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  • My bf has been a gentleman since day one and I appreciate it. I think it's sad that society has turned chivalry into an attempt at getting in bed. We can't be nice to each other without expecting sex in return?


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