Why does my exboyfriend keep calling me- when he has a girlfriend?

We broke up not too long ago and he called me a few times only to talk about his girlfriend. Its annoying and when i told him to stop calling me he claims i am jealous. Why is he doing this if he is so called "in love" with his new girlfriend?


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  • Most likely because he's not over you.

    Why do you answer?

    • I always think he wants something important but its nothing important

    • Perhaps it's best not to answer.

    • Would that make him want me even more?

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  • He enjoys hurting you. I had the same with my ex. He left me for his ex then called everyday to tell me how happier he was with her and how we were a mistake from the start. Just ignore him, block him and delete him from everywhere. Better still, hint that you have found somebody else before doing it. That should make him understand that he does not have the power to harm you.
    And you know what? He probably still likes you and just wants to talk with you and make you jealous. Make him understand that this is NOT going to happen.

    • Was your ex still in love with you or miss you if he did all of that?

    • Yeah, I believe he was. I did not fall back into his trap. I ignored him and now I have been happily over him for quite a time

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  • Because he wants to rub it in your face and because he's most likely not entirely over you. For some reason he's trying to get under your skin and hurt you. Probably because he doesn't want to admit to himself that he's still not over you, so he tries to prove to YOU that he's "over" you.

    • You're better off not picking up at all when he calls. Block his number if you can, and block him all over social media.

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    • True enough. Thanks so much but i have one problem what if i dont want him to move on or make him not miss me anymore? I dont know why its just how i feel.

    • He's your ex and he's with someone else. It would be selfish of you to keep in contact with him just because you don't want him to move on. Let it go.

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