Guys like girls with small ass n books exist on the Internet but not in real life?

Why is it so.
what do u like
  • Big ass big boobs
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  • Big ass small boobs
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  • small ass big boobs
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  • small ass small boobs
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  • While the media conditions a lot of people's mind as what is acceptable or normal with body mass or healthy. I never have nor will I ever allow some one convince me that a stick figure is what I must view as attractive or appealing. I am one of the few that I know that find a full figured lady the most alluring.

  • It depends on the girl , she might be big tits big arse but a whore and vis versa

  • Small ass small boobs. Thats how i like em.

  • Ideally medium but I'm also good with small. I'm personally not attacted to big or huge. Or at least what most people call big I'm generally not attracted to

  • It really doesn't matter to me. According to my friend, the past few crushes/girlfriends I've had have had "no ass and no tits".


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