Why am I feeling so down lately?

I've been feeling down for a few years now, and I wish I could be happy again. I don't know if it's lack of love or feeling in a rut in my career, but I don't know what's causing it or how to fix it.


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  • Well to start, I find a healthy diet and exercise will help with that a ton. It's amazing how a poor diet and lack of activity can bring your mood down, and some psychologists will even prescribe this as "medicine" before they offer antidepressants.

    Then, I'd make a list of things you enjoy or changes you want to make. Do you wish you spent more time with friends? Start reconnecting and going out more. Missing a romantic connection? Get out there and start dating. Need a new hobby? Pick one up. Tired of your job? Start job hunting.

    Making a list of goals and checking them off your list will help to improve your outlook.

    • Yes, I was eating a healthy diet, but I was eating too big of portions. And lately, I've fallen back to fast foods. But I'll get back on track. I haven't exercised since being at the gym 4 months ago. I should get back there.
      Yes, I wish to spend more time with friends. Unfortunately, I work 3rd shift, and it's hard for me to hang out with people very well. I wish I had a romantic connection. I tried going to a church a while back, but either the women were too old (60s or 70s) or too young (teenage girls). I'd hate to go to a bar, but it doesn't seem like I have much of a choice. I could maybe try a different church. It's not so much that I hate my job. I just don't like the shift I'm on. I plan to talk to my supervisor in the morning, and see if she can open something up for me. I started flying planes 5 years ago, but that is too expensive. I have to wait until I get a promotion before I can resume that.

    • I also work night shift so I understand the difficulty of that shift. I only work 3 nights a week though, so I could see how 5 days would really affect your social life. Also, have you considered online dating?

    • Yes, I have tried online dating. To no success. I've updated my profile to change it up a bit. Not the information itself of course - just how I word things. I've gone on a few dates, but nothing has solidified to a second date and further. I actually work 4 days a week, with weekends (at least every other).

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  • cheer up dude!!! do things that you like more!


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  • Make some changes.
    Eat better. Cut out certain things (fast food, soda maybe? ) Start exercising regularly, make sure your sleep schedule is regular and you're getting enough sleep, get a pet maybe? Change up your decor a little. Set some goals.

    • I did cut out fast food and soda, only to have started that up again recently. But I'm going to cut it out again. My sleep schedule is not regular, due to the fact that I work 3rd shift (and sometimes 2nd). But I do get sleep - sometimes too much and sometimes too little. I will get back to the gym. I just need to push myself. A pet may be on the list, but not right now. A decor change could happen, but not right now.

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    • I'm working on getting a promotion. I've already applied for a new position, but apparently I didn't have experience. I've even applied at other employers, and they went with someone else. It's a struggle, but I'm working on it.

    • As long as you're working towards something that's good :)

  • giving helps with that emotion of emptiness I donate blood

  • when's the last time you had any fun?

    • I actually cannot recall when I had real solid fun. It's been quite a while.

    • well there's your problem,,, go have some fun!

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