If a girl keeps crying all the time, would a guy think she's a crybaby?

Or think she's going through depression?

I knew this guy who used to be so mean to me, and for some reason now he wants to be nice. Even when I was crying, I don't know if he noticed but his body language was rude.


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  • Depression.

    • Why was he being rude? He didn't understand it for what it was?

    • I don't know. I'm not him.

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  • Unless there has been a major traumatic event that occurred in her life, she has a psychological disorder that produces illogical tears, or she is chronically depressed, then yes, I am probably going to think she's a crybaby.

    No offense, but beyond the age of 11, the idea is for people to develop the emotional capacity so that they don't resort to crying when life throws them messes. Generally, children and adolescents are the ones who burst out crying for small, minute reasons. Adults are expected to get it together, hold it together, and keep it together until they can find a solution. Sure, there's nothing wrong with crying but crying all the time or crying over something small would just get annoying and feel like I'm dealing with a child. He probably didn't mean to be rude but to be honest, that would get really annoying and make you seem weak after a while.

    • I was 'chronically depressed,' at the time, I don't know whether or not he knew.

      But I didn't 'break down,' in front of him, I only started crying once, and I don't know whether he did or didn't know.

      All I remember thinking is he was a complete jerk.

      Everyone else seemed to realize something was wrong, while they weren't overly pitiful, (which I anyways wouldn't want or care for), they were sympathetic that somethign is wrong, but the girl doesn't want ot tell for whatever reason so we will be polite without truly being inquisitive

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    • Hmm I didn't burst out crying in the least.

      I was silently tearing up

    • Just trying to give you some insight.
      Either the tears made him awkward, he didn't feel strongly connected to you so that fact made it awkward, or he thought you were being dramatic. Or there's a possibility he thought you were faking it for some reason

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  • What reason does she have for crying?

    • Well to an on-looker it may appear that school isn't working out, but of course there were other things involved.

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