Does he like me?

Okay so long story short, I've had a thing with this guy for a few months, we stopped talking for a while but now we're reconnected.

He flirts with me a lot (Calls me gorgeous, cool, hot, sexy, perfect, bae etc .) We hung out about a week ago on a double date kind of thing, and he couldnt keep his hands off of me, and we were flirting like crazy, and i really felt a connection especially when we kissed goodnight after he walked me home (He purposely made us take the long way to spend more time with me) .

But we both recently went to a party and when a few slow songs came on, and he started dancing with another girl, so I went and danced with another guy to make him jealous. He and his friends kept coming near me and looking at me weird. So later on when the next slow song came on, I danced with the same guy I had before and the guy I like kept walking near us, and greeted me, and his friends continuously pushed him towards me and the guy I was dancing with.

By the end of the night we had danced 3 times, and in total he danced with 6 girls, and me 2 guys. After the party he snapchatted me asking for nudes and saying how I was boring for not sending, but he continued to talk to me regardless and he even asked if I was his girlfriend in which I told him that it was his decision.

We've made plans for this weekend, and before we hang out I was wondering if you think that he may like me? Or should I just try to move on? Any tips for getting him to ask me out?


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