Why won't he respond?

Ok, backstory time. So there's this guy that I like, and on the way back from competitions for marching band (it was around midnight everytime) I would end up sleeping on his shoulder. Then in our schools pep band, we would be sitting in the bleachers, and our legs would casually rest against one another's. And now recently I had a dream that we were talking after a performance, and he held my face in his hands, and slowly kissed my left temple. Now just last night, I complemented him on a performance we had yesterday morning, and then casually asked him if he wanted to go get coffee sometime (I was technically asking him out on a date). He's seen my message because I asked him on Facebook messenger, but he hasn't replied. And I know he's seen my message also. Does anyone have any idea why he's avoiding me?
  • He doesn't want to tell me no over Facebook
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  • He's nervous to respond
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  • I scared him away
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  • Well he made it clear that he's not interested in a relationship. That really sucks and I'm sorry that happened to you, specially since you had to work up the courage to ask him out. I'm afraid all you can do is try to talk to other guys.


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  • You have done enough to show interest in him. Males like to be the hunters. Let him come to you now. Be busy with other things. He doesn't want to be your everything. Do NOT inquire again to him on anything. It is his turn to show he is interested in you. If not, there are many stars in the sky. Good luck!

    • That makes a lot of sense. It's just a miracle for me to even ask someone out! Thanks for the advice!!

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  • He could be a little nervous, or maybe he's just not quite ready for a date. take some time and build your relationship a bit. keep flirting and see if he flirts back, then give him some time and let him make the next move, but if a few weeks pass and he doesn't ask you out try dropping hints that you'd like to do something with him


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