My boyfriend is sad because his "friend" won't speak to him and he misses her. Does he like her, do I need to worry, or is this normal?

My boyfriend of 10 years has been sad because this girl he was friends with won't speak to him. I was reading through his phone because I was looking for a photo of us that I wanted to text myself and when I went to the text messages I kind of peeeked through his texts with his friend Jake and I read that he tried to reach out to his friend again but she doesn't want to speak to him and he's been really sad about it because he misses her. He never told me about this. I thought they were actually just coworkers I didn't know they were friends. I met her once at a work party but she quit the company a few years ago. Apparently they stayed in touch but she stopped talking to him over a year ago. But from what I read they call each other still on holidays but she wants nothing to do with him because of me.

Should I be worried? I'm trying to just ignore it I know he's mine I know we'll get married soon. We haven't gotten engaged yet because his parents are going through divorce and he's trying to figure out his mom's situation but I know we will get engaged soon. I'm not sure if I should be worried though? Why does my boyfriend miss this girl so much? How come I didn't know they are friends? Maybe he didn't mention they were friends because they stopped talking? I thought they were just coworkers and who cares if you don't keep in touch with coworkers I lost touch with all my former colleagues it's something that just eventually happens.

What do you all think?


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  • That's kinda suspicious for a few reasons.

    1. He didn't mention that they're friends, or that he's sad about whatever happened between them.
    2. The fact that she wants nothing to do with him because of YOU. That seems like a very obvious sign that they are/were more than friends.

    I would suggest that you be direct about it. Explain to your boyfriend that you saw the texts, and you are just curious about what happened and why he didn't mention it. Don't accuse him of anything, just calmly ask for an explanation.

    You'll know what the truth is by his response. If he has a reasonable explanation, he'll just tell you. If something more is going on, he'll get defensive and mad, or he won't have an explanation at all. Just hear him out and then trust your gut. You'll know if he's lying.

    Good luck. And make sure you ask him, because you don't want to marry a man who is lying to you or cheating on you. Get to the bottom of whatever it is! :)


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  • Would sit down and talk to him about this and would prefer it if he is truthful about his feelings for you and her. I am guessing something happen between them, and the other girl feels bad that she will be the reason.

    i donot want to put any ideas in your head of what could have happened but better to get the answers from him straight.

  • Shady as hell. I wouldn't be cool with that.

    • What would you do though? tell him you went through his texts? he trusts me enough to give me his phone to look through his photos and send myself a pic.. I can't tell him that I went through his texts

    • I would tell him lol I've gone through my man's texts before and if I found something that looked suspicious, I'd straight up be like "I need to talk to you." ..."WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" him-"What you went through my phone?" Me-"That's not the point. Get to explaining" lol

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