What does this mean, Honestly I just like to get yards Going?

Guy says that to after i told him I wouldn't change how we are for the world. Ok, first you need to know, we are like working on a relationship. But wth does that sh¡t mean?
Well, He said this right before he went to bed while we was texting. He said Me too. Honestly I just like to get yards Going, but i gtg to bed, Got to get up early. Good night Buttercup. Talk to you soon.
So... Can you explain what it means now?
It was a typo lol


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  • Go Cards
    The nefarious act of having sexual relations with a close friend or friends. Also known as "Go Cardsing."

    • I don't think that is what he meant.

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    • Thank you :)

    • You are welcome :-) best of luck.

  • why don't you ask him what he meant then :-)

    • haha smartass. i'm working on it. He is asking me what he gets if he tells me. I said I don't know what do you want? No reply yet

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