What makes a guy want to still talk to other girls when he's already in a relationship?

I catched my ex wanting to talk to other girls multiple times. He would message girls on Facebook asking for their number or Kik. He once got this girl's sc from a friend of his, he had never met her before and still started talking to her "as friends". Why did he keep seeking to talk to other girls when he was already in a relationship and our conversations were always fun and never boring ! Why do guys do this? Are they never satisfied with what they have?


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  • Not all guys do this.

    For example, as jaded and regretful as I sometimes feel about my marriage, I'm still honest and faithful and would never violate my wife's trust or try to get more on the side.

    Maybe you should consider laying out the framework of what you want in a relationship with that person before getting into one with that person.


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  • Its a game part of a Challenge boost there Egos

  • Therse around 100 reasons you can't find why it's difficult unless he admit why


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