Can a guy with a girlfriend ever truly have feelings for someone else?

This guy is my idea of perfection incarnated looks wise but I have no emotional attachment or crush what so ever
He's had a thing for me for yeaaaaars since before he had a gf, we have mutual friends but never really spoke I mean there were times when I was drunk that I would flirt with him or just walk over to him and tell him " you're so pretty let's hug" *hugs* me - "why are you so cute?" Him " I'm not at all" anytime I would do this he'd keep holding me till my friends would come over like " hey let's go leave him alone" I noticed he started showing up everywhere I was & always tried to talk to me but he'd choke, he even showed up on my birthday because our friends posted it on fb we were going to be at some bar, suddenly he was there & he was dressed to impress but again he could only manage "hello " & to hug me & hang around me but like blushes when actually addressed? apparently sometime during all this he got a gf? I've never met her but he posted pics of them together on his fb, she's a babe she looks like mila kunis & he is like RIDICULOUSLY GOODLOOKING like Calvin Klein model status... & yet only recently had the guts to talk to me after I started teasing him & then its like he's full blown mezmorized by me? Now my description - cute & innocent looking but chubby i mean i have awsome boobs, legs and ass but my stomach is yeah a little ball of dough! definitely one of those girls with my own weird sense of style, I'm rarely showing cleavage or dressed " sexy" I'm silly like a level 10 dork but actually feel confident in general I feel like a lot of times being different works to my advantage, but in this situation I look @ his gf and wow she's one of those sexy instagram girls and he's a personal trainer & top ranked mma fighter.. wtf does he see in me worth jepordizing his life rightnow? When we talk I literally just say whatever the hell I want when we hangout I purposely look crappy sometimes like no makeup and sports Jersey's?
I guess I'm just curious because last night Itold him we shouldn't hangout anymore because I don't want to catch feelings & complicate either of our lives any further.( everytime we hangout it always leads to making out or cuddling) .. but now I'm not sure if I missed out something or someone amazing & who could actually be genuine? Its confusing.. any insight would be appreciated


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  • the fact that someone has a gf, doesn't mean he's loyal to her ;-)

    • Well I get that but he has a full blown crush its not like the regular sleezy guys who try tohhookup he's got this full blown crush but if he's with this girl there must be real feelings so how can he have feelings for me as well? Especially when she is super hott why jeopardize that

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