If your sex buddy suggests watching a movie together and ordering pizza, is it a booty call?

Or he genuinely wants to hang out?


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  • i guess if he's your sex buddy he'd mention it if it actually was

    • well we are just casually sleeping with each other sometimes.. we didn't make a "deal"

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  • I would assume everything is casual until he says otherwise. I think guys promote booty calls and friends with benefits to get out of the ties of commitment, but it doesn't mean the majority want just straight sex all the time. Many of them do want the "girlfriend experience" of spending time together and being friends. The problem is when you offer all of that under the title of friends with benefits , when you really want a real relationship.

    If you're cool with a booty call, then go have fun and don't think too much about the why's.


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  • I used to have a friends with benefits , we did other things together, for example going for a meal or watch a movie together. He obviously looks upon you as someone who can offer more that just sex to him.


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