Why he turns away?

I have a crush on this guy but when I see him at the hallways I feel the need to turn away cuz I blush >,< the thing is he does the same. We have a class together but we never talk so I don't know if he knows I like him and he doesn't like me too so he turns away. Today I saw him at the stairs and I kinda saw him hesitate weather to pass by me or not. I was blushing so I didn't want him to see my red face, so I just looked down


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  • He likes you for sure. Make the first move. Next time you pass by him just say, "hi" and smile. Then maybe he will initiate more.


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  • awwwwwwww I think you should both walk up to each other red faced and all.
    Then say "hey wanna hang out"


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