When a girl loves you?

1. can't help but get happy when you arrive.
2. tries to talk to you.. with excuses
3. sometimes screams your name coz she is so in love.. but in a playful way

would u be wiered out?


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  • no... kinda sounds like me right now.
    although my definition of what true love is means once you say "I love you" you can never NOT love that person. It is impossible to ever say "I don't love you" .
    you might love someone differently. but if you can say I don't love you, then you never loved them. the only exception would be in the case of abuse.
    so you have to make sure it isn't infatuation or just being crazy for someone.
    the woman I am with now I just can't stop thinking about her.
    I can just stare at her when I am with her. She is beautiful beyond words.
    she is amazing in every way. we have the same interests. I want to be with her all the time. I already told my sister that if she doesn't dump me, i will marry her one day. just like I knew with my ex wife, I know with her. Doesn't mean I am at love yet. maybe I am. I am terrified and careful about it because i was fooled so badly by my ex. 25 years with someone who never loved me and maybe didn't even care about me...
    so I am worried she is going to throw me away also. but I realized months ago I either have to be willing to be hurt again, or I need to just live alone and not try to date.
    she seems to be feeling the same based on what she is telling me.
    but I don't want to push her. I am taking it slow, following her lead. she is a widow 2 years now. but she has had relationships which makes me feel better as I don't want to be the first one. so this could be real...
    I went out with 11 others in the last 14 months. including a lot of just "meet for drinks" that I don't really count as dates since we are just seeing if we want to date.
    I have never felt a connection with any of them. none lasted more then 2 weeks and a handful of dates. Within 15 min of meeting her, the walls were down and I felt connected. so i am excited to see what happens


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  • I don't think she is necessary in love with you, maybe you think a lot of yourself and she is just a playful sort of girl who enjoys your company

    • i am in love with him

    • i am a very quiet reserved woman.. but when i see him.. i change.. i want to steal him..

    • Ok sorry the way you asked that confused me

      I think it's flattering maybe lay off the random contacting as he may not read your messages if there allways random and not that important

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  • "3. sometimes screams your name " <--- ugh... that would be kinda annoying after some point basically...

  • No. I would feel special.

  • na, i get used to that everytime i go out anyway


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