He's flirting with every girl?

This guy has been chasing me for some months now and I only ever wanted to be friends, so I've turned him down a few times. But he was still very persuasive and patient and I've recently found I kind of started liking him back. Today he told me he wants me to be his gf and is ok with me taking some time for this. However, the main issue is that I don't really trust him. He literally flirts with everyone and I think sometimes he doesn't even know it. How do I know he is true with me?


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  • Give him a go. Part of it might be because you turned him down so he didn't think you were interested. If you have both expressed mutual interest, then you can both try out an exclusive bf/gf relationship.

    Give it a go if you like him!


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  • You can't expect him to change overnight. If you can't accept that he is a flirt with everyone, then you were right in the first place to hold him off and just be friends.


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  • I dunno mate! If you like him why not!


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