GUYS-What do y'all look for in a woman?

I have been single for 3 to 4 years most by my choice till about a year or 2 ago I decide that I think I want to be in a relationship, I sometimes can be stand offish at times or on some topics but then when I start to let my wall down I get told. They don't see anything serious with me but Im fun to be around and I'm attractive with a good head on my shoulders. So Im asking what does a guy look for in a woman to be in a serious relationship?


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  • Sexually attractive. Decent body, decent face. Doesn't spend her life on social media. Good family. Doesn't crave attention. Not too girly but girly enough. Compassionate. Feisty to a degree. Has a future.

    • Thats just it... They tell me I'm sexually attractive, Im pretty, I don't crave attention (at least I don't think so) I can go from heels to mud in a matter of 2.5 seconds, Im very caring especially about other people around me, I mind my own business and don't get involved in the other BS and feisty. I have a great job that I plan to retire with when that time comes. So I don't get how guys tell me Im not someone they could see their selfs with long term.

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  • Two things

    1) sex appeal
    2) compatible personality

  • someone that seems genuinely interested in me. that catches my attention quickly


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