Platonic... something more... or is he just being a guy?

i have a friend that i've known for several years now and we have quiet the flirtatious relationship. we chat about everything and hang out at least once or twice a week. i have mentioned a time or two that i like him over the past few years, but he's always avoided the conversation. i guess my feelings are more apparent than i thought considering many friends have been asking about it recently. maybe this is due to me not really liking his gf. she's crazy... likes to drunkenly start fights on a night out. i think that justifies not liking someone, but others think i don't like her because i like him.

anyway, this is what i don't understand. every once and a while when we're drinking, he'll start telling me he loves me, start holding my hand, or he'll even ask me to kiss him. from time to time he'll get jealous of other guys or get worried if i disappear for longer than normal. then you also factor in the sleepovers we've had, nothing happening... just cuddling. oh, and there was the one time we did actually hook up. i don't (or try not to) initiate anything. then you ask him about platonic friendships and he totally believes in them, saying he's scared to ruin a great friendship.

now, i'm wondering... does he REALLY believe we have a platonic friendship, does he have feelings for me but doesn't want to admit it, or is he just being a guy and keeping me around... just in case?


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  • Even if he does have feelings for you, you need to think would you really want a guy who is willing to cheat on his girlfriend?

    Honestly it sounds like he's just being a shit guy.
    'Keeping all his options open' or is just shit at committing..
    I don't like the sound of him lol!
    I'd try and stay away!


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  • he might just be confused. really try to talk to him about it.


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