Where do I stand with him?

I had a thing with a friend of mine, just making out. It went on for a couple weeks but then we somehow lost touch. Our main reason why we never defined the relationship was because he probably wants to be friends with benefits and I want a relationship. We never talked about that though so I don't know. We didn't talk to eachother for a month. Yesterday I texted him, he seemed pretty normal and was very talkative. Where do i stand with him?


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  • Your mistake was not asking what the relationship was between the two of you. Sounds like he might be over you but I suppose unless you approach the subject it will never be answered

    • But i guess i didn't ruin it completely yet because he still talks to me?

    • True. But he might just want to be friends, my point still stands though. Unless you ask him you won't be able to find out

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