Does my best guy friend like me?

We've always had chemistry. In October, we both admitted to liking each other, but didn't do anything about it. Last week, we were sparring against each other, (we both do karate together) and he said after class that he's going to start coming to the Sunday classes just so he can spar against me. He's always been protective over me. Today we were talking and he asked me how I was, I'm ill so I said "I'm ill, so blah" and he said "aww that sucks get better soon" Then this picture:

Then I said I was going to watch a show and wished him good luck with his class tonight with an x and "(not flirting here)

He said "have fun ;) xx (not flirting either)" He's always touching with me, but I don't know if he likes me?
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  • well if you both said you like each other then he likes you.

  • Since you both admitted to liking each other, why not mention it again? He seems quite interested at the moment so I don't really see the harm. He might be nervous about relationship so discuss about it and see how it goes :)

    • Yeah maybe.. Oh my god! I forgot... He has a girlfriend?

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    • Yeah :) You're absolutely welcome!
      Good luck and take care :)

    • Thanks, you too! :D

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