Were they making fun of me for being jealous of him?

So I know this guy who I was really angrily acting out towards, because he got ahead and I didn't.

I know it sounds immature, but I'm just as smart, if not way smarter, he's just really good with people.

I saw one of his friends, and he seemed really amused, and was purposely acting out, beating up his friend and stuff in front of me.

What the hell? Are they all making fun of me for being jealous or something, or do they think I like the guy.

I get really red-faced when I'm mad, some people told me I look kind of cute/amusing, so I have unfortunately had people try to deliberately make me mad in the past.
I need to get better at reading people clearly -_-


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  • Yeah they were 'making fun of you', but probably because in a cute way and not to ridicule you. You sound really cute, so probably that's why they did what they did. Try to be above that, your time will come when you'll laugh at them!

    • sorry, I meant 'in a cute way, because they think you're cute'. Typing too fast, sorry.

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