Think he likes me a bit?

My had anxiety and was shaken up quite a bit and he gave me a hug from behind fairly tight but not long lasting, he asked if he could hug me of course, he also sat by me and said I seem fun to be around, he playfully touches me, he jokes a lot and tries to make me laugh, he shows me funny videos of him and his friend, and he asked if I wanted him to stop acting so goofy, he also stuttered once around me, and he notices me in the hall ways, at lunch, in class, and he also noticed my lips twitch once when I was laughing.

But he hasn't even asked me out, or anything to show that he's actually interested. So I'm thibking maybe? But I like him a lot, to the point where when I think of him my stomach hurts and Im happy. I just don't want to get my hopes up over nothing, and maybe he's just being friendly, because normally he is outgoing, I've only known him for a couple months though.
Also he looks me in the eyes when we're talking, and he seems like he's just like me (personality anyways) except a guy.


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  • yeah he really really likes you but is really nervous to bring up the date question


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