Is it fair to blame me for what the boss started?

We were at a song recital at a pub after work. The boss was just a little happy from the drink. We were chatting with the toothsome secretary, when she bumped into me and spilled my drink a little. Clare, the senior in our group, chortled, 'Leila needs a spanking, don't you think?'

So I took Leila over my knee and said, "How many do you think she deserves, Clare?' Leia struggled but giggled in her tight jeans.

"Oh, 100 will do", giggled Clare.

So I gave her a smart smack on her tight jeans. She yelped, and I said, "Oh, I couldn't really hurt something so cute.'

I let Leila off my lap, and she jumped up and down holding her bottom with both hands. "That really hurt, Marty"

The next day I'm called in and bawled out by Clare about MY behavior, how it's sexual harassment, etc. etc.'

Leila won't speak to me...

Why is this ALL my fault?


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  • She tried to rape you. Clear!
    Press charges for sexual assault.


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  • Like you said everyone had a little to much to drink. Have you ever though it may have hurt more then you thought? Either way in my opinion I think you may have crossed the line on this one.

    • Chuckle, probably did sting. She didn't have much on.. really thin tight jeans, and I'm pretty strong.
      But hey, she is a naughty girl, so she deserved it.

    • Personally I think you got off lucky.

    • I think she got off lucky. If the boss lady had told me to give her 12 more, she wouldn't have been able to sit down!

  • Why do I feel like you watch too much p*rn?

    • Like Khaskins, you must be an experto n p*rn , you watch it so much Me, almost never, I wouldn't know...
      I didn't mean to allow anonys, forgot to tick the box..

  • Clare was just joking. You don't touch other people.

    • No, she wasn't joking, though she claims she was just a little drunk.

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    • Well, yes, but is it fair to totally blame ME?

    • Yes. You were the one who did it. Nobody forced you.

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  • Was your boss drunk? If yes, then if i was you i'd stand up and tell her (she is a she right? ), that a boss shouldn't drink if he/she wants to have a good reputation

    (More than 20 words by the way... hope you're satisfied, because you judged me the other day for a 3 word answer :-P )

  • This plays out like badly written p*rno fan fiction, so I think it's a troll, but on the for chance it's not, don't drink with your boss. Ever. Like... ever.

    • Yes, good advice. We are all usually pretty friendly, not so much hierarchy and such.

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    • Uh, quite a bit, if she didn't tell you it was okay, genius.

    • We were just having fun, O Master of p*rn

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