Guys: How would you react at work?

You're at work. This guy (you're not really "friends" with him) but you talk to him he says "man you wanna see my big d! ck" gay sexual things like that (even though he's straight and has a girlfriend)

and says "oh you'll be impressed" ...

i just stare at him like he's a dumba$$ and ignore him, but it kind of got under my skin so as i passed by his office as I was coming back from the copy room I said "those 2 inches huh?" and he is like "WHAT 2 inches? you have 2 inches" and i walk off...

how would you have reacted?


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  • weren't you posted this yesterday?

    ah... anyway... as i said, i'd report him to the boss if that happened

  • i would report him to the boss then


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