He looks at me to bring me to his convo?

This guy seems to stare and me while talking to his friends and i noticed why he does this is because whenever im not talking with my friends, he looks at me an respond as if he's talking to me, and eventually i get sucked into his convo. Even when im kinda far away, He seems to look at ME and respond to his friends, but in fact, he likes to respond to me. I hope this made sense,

But is this a good sign?


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  • since he's staring at you frequently that means you're drowing his attentio.. which is a good sign of course! ;-)

  • This makes no sense.

    • LOL sorry. His friends will talk to my crush, but my crush will respond his answers to me, and i would join his convo

    • It made sense to the other guy. I'm just a stupidface.

    • its fine~
      It was hard to explain

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