He told me every relationship he's been in has moved fast. Why is this?

He's also not been able to figure out why women not respect him.
He's moving fast. Overly affectionate. But I love it. The moving fast im not used to. But I knew him from college (not well) so I'm not TOO worried about it. Maybe the moving fast and being so very sweet killed things?

I feel he's a gem, like he was made for me. So I'm just surprised.


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  • Sounds likee he just wears his heart on his sleeve, maybe it's not for some of the ladies he has dated

    • Agreed.

    • He definitely does, and I love this about him... But I'm not used to it. I want to not be scared. In my heart I don't believe there's anything to be afraid of but I'm really just not at all used to it.

  • He's a breeder.

    • What does this mean?

    • He goes quickly in relationships because he is naturally wired to fuck a lot and spread dem genies.

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