What does it mean when a guy stares at you with his mouth open?

So I walked in and he looked at me with his mouth wide open and we made eye contact. He was distracted from talking to his friend. He noticed me with his mouth open. He then stopped talking to his friend and stared at me with his mouth gapeing open. What does it mean?


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  • probably his nose is stuffed up. maybe a deviated septum. or he is a moron. take your pick... WTF?

    • I could ask you the same thing

    • Do you really think there is meaning when a guy has his mouth open and is looking at you?
      teenage boys are morons. When us guys hit puberty we are basically just walking erections. when a guy gets too horny we truly do go a little stupid. we do not think clearly or rationally until after we cum. so until he gets home to masturbate to whomever he is thinking about from school that day, we are just looking at women, open mouthed, drooling thinking "who can I get to touch me, what can I do to get her to touch me, maybe she will let me touch her..."
      Sorry to say it doesn't much change for a while.
      Depends on the guy of course. some of us hide it better then others.
      basically the better looking the guy is, the more stupid he is and the worse he is at manners.
      that is why geeks and nerds make the best boyfriends. we treat women like a princess because that is all we did was think about how well we would treat a woman if we ever got one.

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  • He finds YOU-----Fantastic, sweetie. xx


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  • He's a moron that can't close his mouth since it takes too much concentration to do that single task

  • It means you need to block it with your pussy.


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