What else should I do to make this man love me?

This guy work with me we're at the same office and I really like him but I don't why he's acting like this. I've tried everything like dressing sexy, and going to his house and I even kissed him. And I did invite him to my house, I was hoping that we will do it but still not working, so I just give up. He get really nervous around me and he's sweating all the time, I see him looking at me while we're working but he didn't say anything until now.
P. s he's single


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  • I don't think there's anymore that you can do. He's probably nervous because he doesn't know how to approach you. You should just tell him that you like him, and you'll wait for him when he's ready.

    • I told him that I love him on my own way isn't it enough?

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    • Nope, just talk to him There is a possibility you are overwhelming him.

    • Ok i'll do it, thank you so much this is a good advice.

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  • You can't make a man love you. He probably has anxiety. You stated that he gets really nervous around you. What you should do is get some coffee with him and just talk to him. Ask him if he is doing okay. In fact ask him if you made him feel uncomfortable. In doing that, it shows that you care about how he feels.


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