If a girl is mad at a guy, would he only try to make up for it if he liked her?

Because honestly if a guy was mad at me and I didn't like him, I'm not even sure I'd care

Unless he was a friend, or a close friend
What's the most he'd do until he gave up?


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  • If you had a good relationship whether platonic or romantic yes he'd try to repair the situation. Your asking what's the most he'd do is giving me some pause. If he's your friend why would you want him to grovel and plead forgiveness if a simple "I was wrong please forgive me" would suffice. That's being shitty on your part

    • No I barely know him, but I do feel a connection to him for some reason.

      I'm just confused why he cares so much, I guess the logical answer is he likes me, but for some reason I'm hesitating to accept this. Other than showing signs of caring, he has not shown any real signs of liking me

    • Why are you hesitant?

    • He's kind of selfish by nature.

      The type of person who wouldn't associate with another unless they can get something out of them.

      I'm the complete opposite, I'm giving by nature, and usually don't try to get something out of people.

      There's someone else that he can 'get' a lot out of, so I naturally assume he'd pick her and he has in the past.

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  • Yes. He likes you he will call you back even if you hang up on him 100 times.

    • Aww, but I didn't do that. All I did was avoid him this one time, and he seems hurt/wants to make up for it or something.

      I know any human being would be hurt if they were ignored like that, but i was just confused of why he cares so much.

    • Yeah know it but don't abuse it

    • lol okay

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  • I think if he liked you he would be sure to try, maybe he'd give you some space for a while to do what you need, but someone who likes you will come back, especially if they told you they liked you.

    • He never told me.

      Hmm on the topic of coming back, what about the meantime? Is it unrealistic to expect him to wait around?

    • Well you are mad at him right? If hr has tried to make it up to you then its your move. If he hasn't tried, wait another week or two and see if anything changes

  • We are the same way, if I don't care about her then she can kick rocks.

    • Hmm to be fair, he did do something pretty major for me to be mad to begin with.

      So I don't know maybe a part of it is guilt?

    • It depends on the man. For me unless she was my girlfriend, family, or close friend I don't care.

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