I broke and hit my bf and my car and now I'm bleeding?

So lately my bf and I have been having major problems after 5 years. To say I tried talking to him about my feelings talking to him on how I feel he doesn't treat me Right talking to him on how I don't feel loved by him or he doesn't give me attention I need. He was just making a joke out of it while I was crying balling my eyes out hoping for a change I am so hurt still. I was so frustetated that I punched my car then hit him on his chest my hand started bleeding and now he's saying that he doesn't wanna see me like this so he's saying we shouldn't be together anymore I didn't want to lose him I just wanted for him to see how bad I'm hurting. I've cried to him plenty of times on how I felt but today was just different I just couldn't take it anymore so I broke. What so I do. Do I give him space or is this really it?


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  • Let things calm down and apologize to him, tell him that you want to stay together and that you had a moment of emotional weakness ( cause don't we all have those) in the meantime hittin him is just as bad as him hittin you (gender equality) and go get you some medical attention if its bleeding


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  • Well you hit him its your fault you did that to your hand punching him its over you have to get over it and move there are plenty of fish in the sea.


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  • Give it space.
    I understand you're upset but you are letting your emotions get the best of you and it's causing you to be a drama queen which is going to just make things worse and really confirm his decision. So it's best to just leave things be for now. Next time when you get upset, don't be so impulsive and emotional. Think with your head not your heart.

    • Thank you. It's just so hard. He just doesn't see how mad I'm hurting...

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    • You just need to back off and give him space right now. Let the situation cool off. You probably don't intend to but you're ultimately shoving the situation in his face and demanding that he pays attention to it right now when he may not be ready to. Give things time and keep space between the two of you for no less than three days with no talking or texting besides "Hey, lost my cool. I'm sorry." Other than that just focus on your life outside of him so that things can cool off

    • Thank you. ),:

  • 1) Hope the bones in your hand aren't broken.
    2) Your poor car!
    3) Are you always so critical, blaming and judgmental of your boyfriend?
    4) He is not responsible for your happiness, or your unhappiness. Only you are!
    5) If you are so unhappy with him, why are you worried about getting back together? Move on

    • No bones broken moving on is easier said than done.

    • Healing bones is definitely easier than healing hearts, isn't it?

    • yeah I guess so.

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