Does he like me?

I had gym with this boy last semester (gym is over so I don't have anymore classes with him) but he transfered half way through the year. Around the very end of the gym year, we barely talked, but yet I remember times when we did little stuble teasings and laughed and smiled a few times.

However, gyms over. I only see him in the hallway while going to lunch. Everytime I see him, I get really nervous and excited and I get really happy, so I kinda squeal (if thats the right word) his name like, "OMGG IT's KYLLLEEEE.. ommggggg." And he always has his hands in his pockets and he always looks really cool/smooth and says "hey alysaa." with a smile/grin idk?

And my guy friend is his friend who walks with him. And he told me that Kyle likes me. And when i gave him a "what?" look, he was like "no not like that, he thinks your really funny." and that was the last time i really talked about him with kyle. But like, i wonder if Kyle may like me... its just he hasn't said anything. Cause I tagged him in a picture on instagram that said "when I see you, i wanna give you a hug" and he relied with "haha yeah" with an emoji that was a releaved face. So i guess thats good. but i tagged him in something else, and he hasn't responded! It was like 4 days ago. YET i seen him in the hallway today and I didn't even squeal his name and he said "hey alyssa" like he always does wiht his hands in his pockets... and like always he just keeps walking but with a smile. Like. UGH?


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  • Yeah maybe just as a friend. But if your not close friends with him why not make a move?
    Also he sounds like a very cool and calm guy aha :)


What Girls Said 1

  • He might like you more as a friend otherwise he'd show more interest.


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