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I've been talked to this guy for almost 2 months. He doesn't want a relationship (he just got his heart broke) and I'm getting out of one. He knows I have feelings for him. But he tells me "it's to soon. I'm not ready for that yet." That's fine, I understand. We talk everyday. We do have sex. He says we're friends with benefits . If I don't text him back in a little while, he thinks I'm ignoring him. He gets upset if I have family over and we can't fall asleep on the phone. He's always asking if I'm talking to other guys, and I'm not. He tells me about his financial things, we talk about life and our problems and a lot of other things. Like he was drunk and give me his pin # for his card incase he went to jail so I could get him out. He calls me babe and things like that. He told me "I only call someone babe, or anything like that, only if I mean it."
So I guess my question is, what do you get from this? I mean we talk everyday, throughout the day, texting and on the phone. He tells me it's to soon for feelings and stuff, but what am I supposed to think? I totally understand why he says it's to soon, because of everything that happened with his ex-fiance. But why am I getting these mixed signals?


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  • Ask him what he wants from you

    • I have a few times. I just get the same answer everytime. "I'm not ready for anything more right now." Yesterday we were talking and he told me "I've been thinking. I'm alone all the time. I need a woman in my life. But then I ask myself if I wanna go through all that again? (Talking about his ex)" I told him that's why he needs to make sure the next one doesn't do that. All he said was "yeah" so I don't know. I'm just confused by everything I guess.

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    • He likes you a lot. You're all he thinks of

    • I so wish that was true.. or that I knew for sure.. :(

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