Guys ur opinion required here?

what does it mean when u confess to a girl that u had a crush on her so u sttoped talking to her cause u did'nt want to have a crush on her


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  • Did it ever occur to you that he might have lied to you. If he was not lying then he did not want to have a crush on you because he could not think of you guys being together. But it doesn't mean that he didn't like you. He liked you but he might have a problem with having crush on you. Now if you will ask me what was the problem then I can't say, only the guy know his problem.


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  • Spell it exactly as you hear it. The guy is timid: might think that you are out of his league or something along those lines, it's a nasty practice to be honest: to victimize oneself. It's also an act of desperation.

    • so he likes me but dosent like me :/

    • I don't know the dude. Judging by the way I acted when I was 14-15, I acted like a defensless puppy in the rain Hoping girls would feel pitiful of it. That's what I mean.

      He likes you, but he Might be the laid back guy so he is quite the negative thinker.

  • Ok its my turn to try to provide an acceptable answer;

    if he told you he liked you then depending on how you reacted at the time he may have thought that he was rejected and is no longer trying because he knows he will never be with you.

  • That's never happened to me lol I suppose it would be one of those weird events were your attracted to someone you normally wouldn't be and have a crush on em.

  • Means exactly what you said it means.

    • i have no idea what i said i just phrased his words

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    • y did he not want to have a crush on me

    • That's a question he can answer better than me.

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